Getting un-stalled, Part 2: Let it Flow, art is a process

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Continued from Part 1…

For at least two weeks, no ideas I came up with were getting finished, and nothing was being published. What was I going to do? Just let this blog die?

I’ve started blogs before, and after a period of time they always end up stalled and I rarely get back to them… this happened both last year AND the year before that! In fact, in most of my art projects I eventually get to that point of hitting a wall, where continuing gets really hard and I don’t always know why. If I don’t push through or find a solution for what is blocking me, I never get back to the project. ((I imagine no other writers/artists/creatives out there can relate to this, right?? Ha.))

One of the primary purposes I had for creating this Art blog was to be a venue to encourage other artists in their own work. I certainly didn’t want that to die just because I got stuck in the mud of my own creative process! It appeared that I was now the one in need of encouragement.


Trying not to stay stuck in the mud…

I wrote a little about my dilemma and shared it with friends, receiving some great feedback which made me realize that my posts didn’t need to be quite as formal as I had been making them. A blog is deliberately informal, I was reminded, and a place to share the beginnings of ideas. A good thing, too, as there are dozens of ideas I am juggling in my brain at any given moment.

As my friend Rose put it “Art is a process. This is you talking about your process…. Just let it flow.” That was immensely helpful, and I’m going to start practicing doing just that. I think the less I allow my perfectionist tendencies to slow things down to a crawl, the more I can say “yep, this is ready enough” and just post and put my work out there. Simply these couple of posts about getting un-stalled, discussing my process and not being afraid of being open about my struggles, seems to be a huge step forward for me. Already it has loosened up my highly charged energy around editing and sharing my art. Now I can keep moving forward.

So I’d like to hear from the artists and creatives: how have you worked through periods of being stalled with a project? What do you find useful for moving past road blocks, or going around them? How do you get yourself un-stalled or un-stuck? Send me a message or leave a comment.