The #100dayproject: testing out a daily art practice

Last month I landed at a short term temp job working for attorneys who specialize in real estate/land use/environmental law. They have a spectacular gigantic compass on one wall.

Compass image, Janelle Bighinatti

Around the same time #the100dayproject showed up on my radar. I know the importance of the daily practice of anything, but especially for artists I believe this is key. I also know how far I am from working on art every single day! And so, I decided I would participate in this year’s project.

My theme is Finding my Bearings – images of maps and compasses. I am using watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils exclusively and incorporating some actual maps as well. Trying to keep parameters on it so I don’t overcomplicate things as typically happens!

Today is the beginning. Follow me over on Instagram to see my daily posts!

Art supplies, Janelle Bighinatti
~ my art supplies for #the100dayproject ~

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